Submersible Pump Products

As we are representing YELDIZSU products in Egypt, so let us introduce YELDIZSU brand to our valuable clients.

NUR DALGIC VE ELEKTRIK MOTORLARI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI the first region which provides services in various fields in this industry many years as manufacturers of submersible pumps in Turkey, raw materials, and served with the supply of spare parts, submersible pump as a result of changing competitive conditions in this area the accumulation has moved into production. Plenty of spare parts, reliable service, high-tech facilities continues to produce without sacrificing quality.

Yıldızsu, submersible pumps for irrigation manufactures and markets a range of projects for the domestic and foreign market.

For full range of Cast Iron and Stainless steel Submersible Pumps please feel free to contact us.